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Just digging into Ember JS and read through a great guide at regarding the use of the routers and structuring your ember app. The framework is great and has come a long way based on some of the early tutorials.

My question is, does any one have any strong opinions/good examples/best practices for updating a instance of a controller that was initialized by the router and the connectOutlet method:

connectOutlets: function(router,context){           

The SmartSensor model's getSensorData() function calls out to a back-end REST API. I would like to then periodically poll the server to see if the attributes of the controller have been updated and if needed update the controller. I can think of a few ways I could force it, but nothing that seems clean. Any ideas or am I overthinking it?


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I would either:

a) Create a new poller object and give it a reference to the smartSensorController. The router would call startPolling() on the poller in your connectOutlets method, and call stopPolling() when leaving the state where it is needed (assuming it ever becomes unneeded in your app)


b) Let the smartSensorController take responsibility for polling. After your call to connectOutlet, do router.get('smartSensorController').startPolling() and a corresponding stopPolling() at the appropriate spot in the router.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Luke, went with (b) and working out great! – Mothra Oct 8 '12 at 18:35
Great to hear @Mothra! – Luke Melia Oct 10 '12 at 5:06

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