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I have downloaded the related libraries and source code from VLC for iOS. I compiled it but its not working. It shows that some *.a file is missing in MediaLibraryKit . I think its reference was not properly given or might be file removed. I removed "MediaLibraryKit", downloaded it from the above mentioned link. Added MediaLibraryKit-1.1.0 into my Project. I replaced following import statements;

#import <MediaLibraryKit/somefile>
to -> #import <MediaLibraryKit-1.1.0/somefile>

Now it is showing me lot of error

  • MediaLibraryKit-1.1.0/Sources/NSXMLNode_Additions.m:12:17: Cannot find interface declaration for 'NSXMLNode'
  • Implicit declaration of function 'MLLog' is invalid in C99
  • MediaLibraryKit-1.1.0/Sources/NSXMLNode_Additions.m:24:22: Instance method '-nodesForXPath:error:' not found (return type defaults to 'id')

Anybody tell me what I have done wrong? or anybody who has successfully compiled it?

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