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I have an account at that hosts wikis for free.

they will even store up to 300mb per of images for you. I currently have a car repair wiki that is doing quite well but I have to upload all the pictures one at a time.

I know that this is probably a good application where Greasemonkey could help me but I have very little experience with it.

Can anyone give me some good starter information on how I would upload multiple files ( by multiple I mean upload one then have the script loop and up load the next, etc.)


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For this sort of thing, I actually think Greasemonkey might not be the best choice, but would rather recommend taking a look at Rightload.

It should be rather simple to make your own configuration for uploading to Wikia, and with that, you should be able to easily batch-upload a bunch of pictures.

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Not sure if thats going to work but it might be the best option i have – Crash893 Aug 15 '09 at 13:41

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