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I am running an ant command like : < delete dir="/some/folder/path/" />

The folder /path/ contains some files, folders and some symlinks. The files and folders are deleted but the command tries to delete the 'target' directories of the symlinks. This gives an error.

I don't want to delete the target directories but only the symlinks when I run the command on the parent folder (/path/)

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I found this bugreport.

A solution is to use fileset.

  <fileset dir="/some/folder/path/" followsymlinks="false"/>

Edit: the above does not delete symlinks, though. The following deletes all symlinks in a folder. I found it here.

<exec output="/path/to/symlink/list" executable="/usr/bin/find">
    <arg value="/some/folder/path/"/>
    <arg value="-type"/>
    <arg value="l"/>

<fileset id="victims" dir="/some/folder/path/">
    <includesfile name="/path/to/symlink/list>

After this it should be safe to use delete dir.

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