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I want to develop one web application using jsp and servlet. Now my doubt is can I use osgi service for back end? When I thought about this approach, I understood it is not possible because in client side also we need the osgi plugins to acess the service. But still I need good expertise comments on this approach.I know this can be achieved through eclipse RAP. please apologize if my question doesn't make any sense.

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Why does your client need OSGi plugins to access your web applications? Isn't it accessed via a browser? Are you maybe talking about a web service? Why do you say it is not possible, and then go on to say this can be achieved through eclipse RAP? Can you please explain in more detail? – Björn Pollex Oct 10 '12 at 14:14

I'm not sure I follow your question completely. You can certainly develop a web application using OSGi. All you have to do is deploy your war file into the http service of your OSGi container (e.g. jetty in felix). Doing so can be a bit of a pain, though, so consider using PAX-war-extender. Your clients won't care or even know that you are running OSGi.

That said, if you are developing purely a web app, it might not be worth to use OSGi, and you could simply deploy directly on apache/tomact/some application server instead.

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i think you can, check the jetty osgi boot project. you can develop you web part just as before you did! just add some osgi Metadata into META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file. if you want to get some osgi services, you can use ServiceTrack just like osgi bundle did! we have did it in this way! hope it's help for you!

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