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Hi I am modifying the code for one of my exercise. The modified code does run but I keep getting this error:

"Undefined index: category_id in C:\xampp\htdocs\ex_starts\ch04_ex1\add_category.php on line 5"

Could you please tell me how should I initialize an index for category_id in the following code?


This is my code:

<?php  // Get the category data
  $category_id = $_POST['category_id'];
  $name = $_POST['name']; // Validate inputs
  if ( empty($name) ) {
  $error = "Invalid category data. Check all fields and try again.";
  } else {
   // If valid, add the product to the database
   $query = "INSERT INTO categories
                (categoryID, categoryName)
                ('$category_id', '$name')";
   // Display the Category List page
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could you also paste your $query in here? –  sics Oct 5 '12 at 6:59
In your database, put an index on category_id –  Maringo Oct 5 '12 at 6:59
@Maringo: no it's not related to a database index, it's because of the array does not contain that key –  Alp Oct 5 '12 at 7:02

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Your POST data does not contain the category id.

$category_id = $_POST['category_id'];

this fails because $_POST['category_id'] is not set. Check it by using isset():

$category_id = isset($_POST['category_id']) ? $_POST['category_id'] : false;
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When using $ _POST or $ _GET to retrieve the variables from a form, you may encounter this error:

Notice: Undefined index 'fields of the table' in 'path of  php 
file being executes' on line 'current line' 

To avoid this error, simply test whether the fields of the table were initialized with the function isset ().

// Before using $_POST['value']    
if (isset($_POST['value']))    
          // Instructions if $_POST['value'] exist    

This type of error is notified depending on the configuration of the server. It is not notified by default as it is considered as a minor error, corresponding to the constant E_NOTICE.

You can change the types of errors reported with the error_reporting function.

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You can write code like this

if(isset($_POST['category_id']) &&  isset($_POST['name']))
       // write your code here
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It seems that your $_POST array doesn't contain the index 'category_id'. The $_POST array is filled by form variables, send to the php file from a previous form submit. So depending on what you want to do, you could fill the $category_id variable with a default value if no post index is set:

$category_id = (isset($_POST['category_id']) ? $_POST['category_id'] : 1; 
// replace 1 with your default category

if you dont want to use the $_POST array you can choose to use the $_GET scope. This is filled with the url parameters. So if you call your site like index.php?category_id=1 you could simply assign this by

$category_id = (isset($_GET['category_id']) ? $_GET['category_id'] : 1; 
// replace 1 with your default category
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use isset it will not give you this warning like this

  $category_id = $_POST['category_id'];
  //your code
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