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Is there a indexing plugin for GDS that allows for source code search? I see some for specific types (Java, C++, ...) and one for "any text". These are nice, but I would like one that allows for many/configurable extensions (HTML, CSS, JS, VB, C#, Java, Python, ...). A huge bonus would be to allow for syntax highlighting ( in the cache.

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I just found Dropout and it seems to work great. Put Dropout in any folder and it will index all files in that folder. I put it in my Projects folder and it crawled all my code. Very fast and flexible search. Dropout

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You could use OpenGrok or some other code-specific search engine instead.

I wrote a quick review of some of them some time ago.

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It has been a long time, but the last time I tried to use Google Desktop Search for searching code, I found it quite inappropriate for that task, as I outlined at [], the gist of which is that GDS (silently) only indexed a tiny fraction of many source code files (and made it quite a challenge to figure out why searching so often failed to find so much of what was in source code files).

I found Copernic Desktop Search worked better on code files (but I also had trouble with later versions of it being buggy in not finding all matches so I've been staying with version 2.1.1). But these days I don't use it much (mostly because I don't have permission to install such things on the laptop provided by my new employer).

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I found copernic to be awful at source code searching. I recently removed it. – cbrulak Apr 9 '09 at 19:48

You can try out Larry's Any Text File Indexer. You can specify a list of extensions at install time and it will do full text search on those file types.

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Im just giving this a go:

..also you can search for things in your Java tree using the following syntax in Google Desktop:

<YOUR SEARCH> filetype:java under:"C:\hft\trunk"

..where I keep my code in "C:\hft\trunk"

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This is not a Google Desktop plugin, but works for what we need.

We have started using and it seems to work and is very fast. I wish it supported multiple repositories per site. We have a repository per project, so currently I have to create a virtual directory for each project we have. Not a show stopper, just something we need to automate in our project setup script.

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