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Refering to How Can I Add the Apache POI Library in and Eclipse Project?

I'm not able to find the sources of apache-poi or include the javadocs into eclipse. I've tried to zip the docs folder and pointing to the right path, but it doesn't work.

So my question is not how to add, its where to find.


Thank you

Solved Part 1 - JavaDoc:

Downloaded the latest source form buildserver here

  1. Extract it
  2. navigate to apidocs (\docs)
  3. renamed it to docs
  4. zipped the filder
  5. renamed to poi-3.9-beta-docs.jar (or the version you want)
  6. imported in eclipse -> worked

important, this don't worked for me with the official released & latest poi 3.8.

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Did you try downloading poi-src-3.8-20120326.zip from the POI website? That ought to work just fine, but you do need to download the src rather than bin zip/tar to get the sources! –  Gagravarr Oct 5 '12 at 10:10
Downloaded and added, works how it should! Thanks alot. (can you post this answer so i can accept it?) –  MemLeak Oct 5 '12 at 10:16

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You need to download poi-src-3.8-20120326.zip from the download section of the POI Website. That should work for you.

You need to download the src package, rather than the bin one, if you want to get the sources. The bin one contains the compiled version and dependencies, but not the source - that's what the src one is for.

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