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I have developed an app using Phonegap for Android and iOS.It has an Index.html.From a link on this page I navigate to another html page "Share.html".From this html page i click a buton to show an actionsheet with two options :1. Facebook, 2.Twitter.

When I click any of these two options, I set data-ajax= false for a full page refresh. On both pages "facebook.html" and "twitter.html" I add a header and anchor tag with data-rel="back".

Now my problem is on clicking them I get back in "Share.html" but all the css is gone for the page. And there is no back button that I added to this page previously with add-data-back-btn= "true".

I want to go back to "Share.html" page on click of any button and the css used before should be applied.All pages should wok as they worked before. How can I achieve this? Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you doing ajax navigations? If so, try using:

$.mobile.changePage( "yourPage.html", { transition: "none"} ); 
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