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I have a scenario where i have the same table columns but with different names like TicketBooking and TicketBookingHistory. I have a single pojo class TicketBooking. Is it possible to provide more than one mapping for this persistent class that is one for TicketBooking and one for TicketBookingHistory ? If so how to do it ?


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<class name="TicketBooking" table="TicketBooking"


<class name="TicketBooking" table="TicketBookingHistory"

This feature is not supported in Annotations.

I think your should have look in Mapping a class more than once. The same question can be found in Map Two Identical tables ( same schema...) to same entity in Hibernate.

But all of these are used with xml mapping.

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It is possible with xml mappings. Nno way to achieve this with annotations.

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You can do this with entity-name attribute of class mapping. Check the documentation here of the same.

To quote the documentation:

entity-name (optional - defaults to the class name): Hibernate3 allows a class to be mapped 
multiple times, potentially to different tables

Here is another example of the same use case.

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