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I have a Single Table Inheritance Model like the following:

class Application < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :snapshots, :dependent => :destroy
  has_many :foos, :dependent => :destroy

class Snapshot < ActiveRecord::Base

class Foo < Snapshot

The Snapshot/Foo class has a date with the variable name 'when' When I add :order => 'when' (or :when) to the has_many (foos) relationship the database throws an error when I access the object. e.g. application.foos.each...

Generated Query:

SELECT "snapshots".* FROM "snapshots"  WHERE "snapshots"."type" IN ('Foo') AND "snapshots"."application_id" = 25 ORDER BY when

*Error Near "when":syntax error

If I manually edit the query and enter it in the rails dbconsole:

SELECT "snapshots".* FROM "snapshots"  WHERE "snapshots"."type" IN ('Foo') AND "snapshots"."application_id" = 25 ORDER BY "snapshots"."when"

The query works.

Is this a known rails 3 bug or is there some special syntax? Any workarounds?

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Try by timing

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try this

SELECT *FROM snapshots where type IN ('Foo') AND application_id = 25 ORDER BY when
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After Trying a number of things this worked:


which generated the query with the appropriate "snapshots"."when"

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