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I'm using ADO.NET with MySQL.

To insert data, I use a DataAdapter (MySqlDataAdapter) :

MySqlCommand insertCommand = new MySqlCommand(@"INSERT INTO Investments (InvestmentType)
                                                            VALUES (@InvestmentType); SET @ID=@@IDENTITY;"
                                                         , (MySqlConnection)Connection);
insertCommand.Parameters.Add("@InvestmentType", MySqlDbType.VarChar, 255, "InvestmentType");
DbParameter parameter = insertCommand.Parameters.Add("@ID", MySqlDbType.UInt32, 0, "ID");
parameter.Direction = ParameterDirection.Output;
((MySqlDataAdapter)InvestmentsAdapter).InsertCommand = insertCommand;
((MySqlDataAdapter)EmptyInvestmentsAdapter).InsertCommand = insertCommand;

I would expect that it fills Rows "ID" Column as @ID parameter should be an OUT Parameter, but it raises an Exception with MySQL having problems because it evaluates to "SET NULL=@@IDENTITY;".

Any ideas ?

This is inspired from Tim Cook's "Microsoft ADO.NET 4", which seems to be using SQL Server while I use MySQL. I can't find any documentation on MySQL Adapter's Out Parameters.

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This article has proven very useful to me:

MSDN Tutorial



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