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I have a single dataset containing 4 columns, each showing the number of rejections for a quarter-year. A 5th column shows the Team to which those values belong.

Is it possible to add 4 fixed points on the x-Axis, each belonging to one of these columns? Then I could add the Team as the Y-Series. I'd like to see the evolution of each team in time.

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I solved this by writing a (really short, really simple) loop which takes the values out of the four mentioned columns, one at a time, and creates four rows instead.

So the rows basically contain the Team from the original row (duplicated 4 times) and the Number of Rejections. So now instead of a Row with one team and four numbers, I have four rows, each with one team and one number.

I did this all in the report scripts (under "fetch"). Try it, it's really easy.

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