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I am doing a password prompt and it happens when the user clicks on an icon. when the user go back to main page and click the icon again, it should not prompt the user anymore. only until when the user kill the application and start again. how should I do it?

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Better you use SharedPreferences and store a boolean variable as true when password was set. when you click the icon just check whether it was true or not. If true then don't show dialog, if false show dialog.

If You want the AlertDialog to be shown after kill process then in your Application onTerminate() save the same variable as false.

If you want the AlertDialog to be shown after very firsttime app installed then there is no need to store false in Application's onTerminate() also.

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onTerminate() is never called on a real device, see docs – Tomasz Niedabylski Oct 5 '12 at 8:40
is it possible to show an example? – Lene Oct 5 '12 at 17:20

You can extend Application class and use it asyour application. In that class you can store some boolean variable indicating whether uses is authenticated.

Then, in your Activity:

if (!getApplication().isAuthenticated()) showPrompt();

You should be aware though, that this is not very secure. After user exits (but not kills it), the application, it may live in the memory for a long time, so the user might still be authenticated after a day fo example.

You might want to offer some sort of timeout if you want more privacy.

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As Nagaraj436 said, use SharedPreferece for this functionality.

Here is the link for displaying dialog box only once, but its about end user agreement.

You may need to implement small changes from the code.

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