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Dropbox has Copy_ref api makes uploading same file to multiple users easy. I can't find this kind of feature in Google Drive api. Is it possible to upload same file to different user's account using copy instead of uploading from my server?

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i think there's no way to do that. instead you can use share capability which Drive SDK have. with share you can create a copy of file into others account.

 private static Permission insertPermission(Drive service, String fileId,
  String value, String type, String role) {
Permission newPermission = new Permission();

try {
  return service.permissions().insert(fileId, newPermission).execute();
} catch (IOException e) {
  System.out.println("An error occurred: " + e);
return null;

were setValue is for specifying the user account, type isfor account type(user or group), and role is the privilege. you can refer to this Drive Permission

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