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If I write a LINQ to Entities query does that get translated to a native query that the provider understands (i.e. SqlClient)?


Does it get translated to Entity SQL that the Entity Framework then translates to a native query and passes to the provider?

If it gets translated to Entity SQL where I would I be able to see the Entity SQL that was generated?

If my question reveals that I'm totally screwed up in my thinking please set me straight!

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LINQ to Entities does not get translated to Entity SQL. Both LINQ to Entities and Entity SQL go to what is called a "Canonical Command Tree" which the provider then converts to store-specific SQL. I've seen a couple of people who should know better claim otherwise, but MS documentation indicates the above is correct.

alt text

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Ahh, thanks Craig! Now that you pointed out the CCT it makes perfect sense. –  Nevada Aug 13 '09 at 21:10

The answer Craig gave is spot on. I also thought this article on Working with Entity Data explained it nicely too.

alt text

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