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I have a problem with Eclipse remote save.

I have been using Netbeans for 2 years, my projects are stored in local and also in remote test servers.

When I opened, change and saved files in Netbeans, it also saves (overwrites) the files to remote location.

Configuration of Netbeans is described here : Netbeans Remote Sync

Another thing is checkouted code from SVN is in my local, and I only commit from local, never from remote, I mean I use remote server only for testing purposes.

I decided to switch Eclipse because of other reasons, but I cannot succeed to prepare a similar development environment.

I tried remote explorer,it's complicated and I cannot find a solution to my problem. There are some suggessions by using Ant, I think, this can be easy thing.Ant is much more for me.

I am open to any suggessions, to prepare a similar development environment I described above in Netbeans case.


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Does this answer your question? – gamerson Oct 10 '12 at 9:08
my answer could help you? – moskito-x Dec 5 '15 at 5:53

The link to the NetBeans page only shows the settings for localhost connection.
The remote connection requires an ftp server on the remote machine.

First I will show the Eclipse settings for localhost connection.

File -- New -- PHP Project.

Project Name : SwitchLoc


enter image description here

Folder -- Next

enter image description here

Settings as shown on image. Click Browse

enter image description here

Create a new connection.

Settings as shown on image. Click Next

enter image description here

Only to see what's going on : Click Next or Finish

enter image description here

Back to Connection select the one just created.

enter image description here

Select a folder under your www root.

enter image description here

Create a new php file
Right click on Switch new -- PHP File -- echo.php

enter image description here

Richt click on echo.php -- Properties -- Run/Debug Settings -- New -- PHP Web Page

Settings as shown on image. Click Browse

enter image description here

Uncheck Auto Generate and change the URL

enter image description here

Switch to Tab Common
Settings as shown on image. Click OK

enter image description here

Start Debug
select switch-local

enter image description here


enter image description here

Next: Create a remote connection to a Remote Server with FTP and remote debug.

Follows in the sequel.

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