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Im creating dinamically a table, in the table cells are images, each image have value. After clicking on img in the galery, it sends/copy the image to another table cell, and sends a value to a INPUT. Im checking changes in this input, I can see that after each click value is changing but .change() doesnt run, what should be the problem. Thank you for the tips.

$(document).ready(function() {
    var most;
    var clickedTableCellAll;

    var korpusMaterialNeed = 0;
    $("#korpusChoose").on('click', '#TableKorpusGaleria tbody td', function() {
        var clickedTableCell = $(this).text();
        var clickedTableCellAll = $(this).html();
        most = $.inArray(clickedTableCell, korpusArray);
        clickedId = helperArray[most].id;
        cellClick(most, helperArray);

        var setKorpusArray = $('#createTableKorpus > tbody > tr').map(function() {
            return $(this).children().map(function() {
                return $(this);
        setSelectedCell = $("#helper_input_03").val();
        var countSection = $('#createTableKorpus > tbody > tr > td').length;
        var korpusId = most;

        korpusMaterialNeed = (clickedKorpus(korpusId)) / 10000;
        $("#priestor_mat_0" + (setSelectedCell)).val(korpusMaterialNeed);
        console.log('input: ' + $("#priestor_mat_0" + (setSelectedCell)).val());


    function cellClick(most, helperArray) {
        var korpusId = most;

    function clickedKorpus(korpusId) {
        var currentKorpusCount = helperArray[korpusId].metadesc;
        var currentKorpusPlus = helperArray[korpusId].metakey;

        var sirka = $("#param_sirka").val();
        var widthValues = calcWidthInterval(sirka);
        var ddlText = $("#pocet_priestorov option:selected").text();

        var widthSect = 0;

        var newestOptions = calcSectionWidth(widthValues, sirka);
        var currentKorpMaterial = 0;
        var currentKorpusMaterial = 0;

        $.each(newestOptions, function(i, value) {
            if (value.all == ddlText) {
                widthSect = value.val;
                currentKorpusMaterial = ($("#param_hlbka").val() * widthSect) * currentKorpusCount;

                //          return currentKorpusMaterial;
            else {
                console.log('clickedKorpus >>> ERROR');
            //  var currentKorpMaterial = currentKorpusMaterial;
            console.log('currentKorpusMaterial' + currentKorpusMaterial);
            return currentKorpusMaterial;

        console.log('korpusId >>> clickedKorpus >>>' + korpusId);

        var currentKorpMaterial = currentKorpusMaterial;
        console.log('currentKorpMaterial' + currentKorpMaterial);

        return currentKorpMaterial;

    $('#userForm').on('change', '#priestor_mat_01', function() {


    $("input#priestor_mat_01").change(function() {


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your code sample is way too long, you should provide a minimal failing code fragment – wroniasty Oct 5 '12 at 8:54

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Programmatically updating the value of an input (for example using the .val() function) doesn't trigger the change function. You'll need to also programmatically trigger the function, using the .trigger() function:

$("#priestor_mat_0" + (setSelectedCell)).val(korpusMaterialNeed).trigger('change');
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Thank you @Anthony Grist , .trigger() function solved the problem. – lostika Oct 5 '12 at 9:05

When you programmatically change value, it won't trigger the change event, call change() after changing the value like this

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call event handler after insert:

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Event change has to be triggered in this case. .val() doesn't trigger change event. Chain it with .change() like this -


This will trigger change event handler bound to the input.

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