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In Vim CLI (with a script, and without relying on a plugin), is it possible to imitate :

:browse old

and create a numbered menu (e.g.of scripts) ?

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Maybe you are looking for inputlist?

 " build your list in whatever way is appropriate for your task
let somelist = map(range(1,&lines-2), '"Item #".v:val')

let numberedlist = map(copy(somelist), 'string(v:key+1).": ".v:val')
let chosen = inputlist(['Pick an item:'] + numberedlist)
if 0 < chosen && chosen < len(somelist)
  echo 'User chose item #' . chosen . ': <<<' . somelist[chosen-1] . '>>>'
  echo 'Invalid selection!'
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Excuse my late answer. I had thought my question was, well, uninteresting... – ThG Oct 23 '12 at 15:40
Thank you very much and please excuse my late answer. I had thought my question was, well, uninteresting... I shall now try (being novice in vimscript) to put your solution to work. FYI, I use Vim on my MB, but also on an Android phone (VimTouch, which is a fine implementation), and a menu may be a good solution - sometimes - to cope with a cramped keyboard. By the way, am I mistaken to think that input(), inputlist(), etc... are underused functionalities ? Thanks again. – ThG Oct 23 '12 at 15:53
Probably input() and intputlist() are less used because they do not fit directly into the usual “mode” behavior of Vim (insert mode, normal mode, line ranges, registers, text objects, et cetera). They are not totally unused (e.g. vim-surround uses input() to prompt for complex surroundings like HTML/XML tags). If there is no good way to specify the required input via one of the usual means, then a prompt is probably fine (as long as the user knows to expect it). – Chris Johnsen Oct 24 '12 at 5:24

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