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I have a new object. I want to know id before saving it. Is it possible? Or there is another way for this? I am using jpa as orm and oracle as database.

@Basic(optional = false)
@Column(name = "ID", nullable = false)
@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE, generator = "woTypeSeq")
private Long id;

I have a code field in my entity. If the user doesn't enter a value for the code field, I want to set code as entity's id. If I persist entity, of course i can get id and set code value as id, but this is extra query database.

I want to do something like that

if(entity.getCode()==null) {
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You could avoid the @GeneratedValue, use the generator yourself to get the value and set it to entity "manually" – SJuan76 Oct 5 '12 at 8:57
I dont want to set it to entity manually.if i get next value for id from oracle and i set it to new entity's id,is it rational ? – mstzn Oct 5 '12 at 9:05

With a @GeneratedValue type id you can't know that value in advance (before actually writing it). However once you persist your Bean, the id field will be populated in that bean instance and you can obtain it without needing to do an extra query for it. In other words:

MyEntiry myEnt = new MyEntity(); //the id field is null now
entityManager.persist(myEnt);//the id field is populated in myEnt now
Long id = myEnt.getId();

Also, depending on how your EntityManager is configured, you might need to also first commit the transaction (manually) before you can get that id.

=update as per comment:

If you want to intercept and do something to the entity before it is saved and/or updated, you can use JPA LifeCycle Listeners (if you're using JPA version 2):

Basically you can make a "validate()" method in your bean, annotate it with @PrePersist and @PreUpdate and do the validation in it (if code is empty set it to id's value)

=update per 2nd commet:

Yes, I honestly just thought of that just now: that if the id is auto generated, it might get populated AFTER the pre-persist event, such that when your pre-persit code is executed you still don't know what the id is (you may notice also that in the example you link to the id is NOT autogenerated but set manually). What you can do in this case is add a boolean field to your entity (annotated with @Transient so it won't get persisted) called isCodeEmpty (which is false by default if not specifically initialized). Then in your @PrePersist annotated method you chek if the value for code field is empty and if so, set the boolean to true. Then you refactor your setId(...) method such that (aside from setting the id field) it will check this boolean, and if true set the value of the code field to that of the id field:

public class YourEntity {

private boolean isCodeEmpty;

public void setId(Whatever id) { = id;
 if(isCodeEmpty) {
  this.code = id;
  //if necessary:
  //this.isCodeEmpty = false;

public void validate() {
 if(code == null || code.isEmpty()) {
  isCodeEmpty = true;


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Thank you for replying.I updated my question.Can you check it ? – mstzn Oct 5 '12 at 9:20
I have tried entity listener.but in prepersist id value is null.I dont know why it is null.I implements like that =… do you have suggestion or idea ? Thank you very much – mstzn Oct 5 '12 at 12:01
your idea is excellent but after prePersist setId() method not working.I did what you say. I debugging it,but setId method not executed and code field dont set.Prepersist is working. – mstzn Oct 5 '12 at 12:45
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After long researching about this, finally I found a solution. In fact, if you use sequence generator in jpa, certainly you cannot obtain entity's id before saving it in database, because next id will be assigned by database sequence. There is one way to obtain the id if you use custom generator, you can get the id before saving. Here is simple implementation:

public class CustomGenerator extends IdentityGenerator implements Configurable {
  private IdentifierGenerator defaultGenerator;

  public Serializable generate(SessionImplementor session, Object object)
    throws HibernateException {

    Long idValue = (Long)defaultGenerator.generate(session, object);
    //idValue will be assigned your entity id
    return idValue;

  public void configure(Type type, Properties params, Dialect d) throws MappingException {
    DefaultIdentifierGeneratorFactory dd = new DefaultIdentifierGeneratorFactory();
    defaultGenerator = dd.createIdentifierGenerator("sequence", type, params);

Using CustomGenerator for id field:

@Basic(optional = false)
@Column(name = "ID", nullable = false)
@GenericGenerator(name = "seq_id", strategy = "com.yoncabt.abys.core.listener.CustomGenerator", parameters = { @Parameter(name = "sequence", value = "II_FIRM_DOC_PRM_SEQ") })
@GeneratedValue(generator = "seq_id")
private Long id;
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