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How to update field to add value to existing value?
For example I have

Table name: table

id   credit
1      4
2      5
3      3

Is there a way to simply add value to the credit?

UPDATE table SET credit = '+7' WHERE id='1' 

I want to add 7 to 4 so that the credit=11 where id='1'
How to do this?

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what's the difference between your accepted answer than mine? – John Woo Oct 5 '12 at 9:15
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UPDATE table SET credit = credit + 7 WHERE id = 1
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This is just a simple UPDATE. Try the following.

UPDATE tableName
SET Credit = Credit + 7

note that ID = 1 and ID = '1' is the same as the server automatically parses it.

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isnt it good idea to put 1 in ID=1 in single quote like ID='1', so that a query doesnt throw a error if incase the ID value is not defined? – WatsMyName Oct 5 '12 at 9:01
the server automatically parses that value :D – John Woo Oct 5 '12 at 9:08

Simply use credit = credit + 7 instead of credit = '+7' in UPDATE statement

UPDATE tablename SET credit = credit + 7 WHERE id = 1

See this SQLFiddle

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Try this code

UPDATE table SET credit = credit + 7 WHERE id='1' 
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Just try this...

UPDATE table SET credit = credit + 7 WHERE id = 1
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well '+' is an operator so u need to provide the parameter it requires. '+' operator is an binary operator thus we need to provide two parameters to it with the syntax


though it may take parameters of many data types by writing '+7' you are only sending a String value "+7" replacing your previous value

so u better use

UPDATE table SET credit = '+7' WHERE id='1'

don't confuse '+' operator with other increment operators

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I wanted to add to this with an 'ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE' example(based on the answer by @hims056). I found this answer but needed 'ON DUP...' so I figured may as well post it here.

(`id`, `credit`)
VALUES (1, 4)
`credit` = `credit` + 7;

See the SQL Fiddle here

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