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How google-test makes test sequence (or order of test case execution) for testing test cases?

Suppose I have 5 test cases.

TEST(First, first)
TEST(Secnd, secnd)
TEST(Third, third)
TEST(Fifth, fifth)

How google-test test above test cases? I mean in what sequence? Or can we provide any test sequence?

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The advanced reference pages for googletest in the chapter Shuffling the Tests tells :

By default, Google Test uses a random seed calculated from the current time. Therefore you'll get a different order every time.

This is actually a good way of unit testing, since tests should not depend on the order of execution.

As far as I know, there are no ways of setting the order of tests execution. The only parameter you can set is the seed, used to set the same order of execution.

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That (random order of execution) is true only if you specify the --gtest_shuffle flag. – axeoth Mar 7 '13 at 10:22

By default it will test them in the order it finds them at link time, which will depend upon your tools.

You can select which tests to run, such as a subset, or a single test.

There is also an option to run them in a random order.

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