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i need to know how to compare 2 text files and write everything found in both in a third text file. If possible i would like to code in binary for its fastness(?)

thanks alot guys

edit: thx alot Dan, and yes i want to compare 2 text files and write in a third text file what he found And by binary i mean something like :

Private Sub cmdCompareFichier_Click()

' Déclaration des variables
Dim Fichier1 As String
Dim Fichier2 As String
Dim Fichier3 As String
Dim lFile1 As Long
Dim lFile2 As Long
Dim lFile3 As Long
Dim Temp1 As String
Dim Temp2 As String
Dim Temp3 As String

' The files to compare
Fichier1 = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\testA.txt"
Fichier2 = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\testB.txt"
Fichier3 = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\RESULT.txt"

lFile1 = FreeFile    
Open Fichier1 For Binary Access Read As #lFile1

lFile2 = FreeFile    
Open Fichier2 For Binary Access Read As #lFile2

lFile3 = FreeFile  
Open Fichier2 For Binary Access Write As #lFile3

' Starting the loop
' Prepar the buffer for the first file
Temp1 = String$(1, " ")
' Prepar the buffer for the second file
Temp2 = String$(1, " ")

' Fills the first buffer
Get #lFile1, , Temp1
' Fills the second buffer
Get #lFile2, , Temp2

' Compare the second buffer and the first buffer
If Temp2 <> Temp1 Then
' The second buffer is different

' Show a Message for the user
MsgBox "Le deuxième fichier est différent du premier fichier !"

' Close the files(Important)
Close #lFile1
Close #lFile2

' Et on quitte
Exit Sub

ref = Len(Temp1)
Put #lFile3, ref, Temp1

End If

' Boucle tant qu'on est pas rendu à la fin d'un des fichiers
Loop Until (EOF(lFile1) Or EOF(lFile2))

' Ferme les fichiers
Close #lFile1
Close #lFile2
Close #lFile3
' Si on c'est rendu jusqu'ici c'est que les 2 fichiers sont identique

' Un message pour informé l'utilisateur
MsgBox "Les 2 fichiers sont identique !!!" 

' Et c'est terminer !

End Sub

any help guys plz??

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10101010100010101010101010110100111110101 that should do it. –  The Cat Oct 5 '12 at 9:14
But seriously, I don't know what you mean by binary in vba??? But if by 3D you mean third then this should get you started: vbadud.blogspot.com/2007/12/combining-text-files-using-vba.html give it a try and then post some code if you get stuck –  Dan Oct 5 '12 at 9:19
Do you mean line by line? I can't find decent documentation on GET # online can you link me to some? Is it reading line by line or the whole doc in one shot? –  Dan Oct 11 '12 at 12:01

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