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I'm writing Windows 8 application, which loads data from internet service, so I'm using extended splash during the loading. When the app starts it shows Splash screen for a second, and then navigates to ExtendedSplash. During the switch between the splashes it's you can see the screen blink/flash for a fraction of a second. Can I avoid this flashing somehow?

Essentially, in App.xaml.cs:

protected override async void OnLaunched(LaunchActivatedEventArgs args)
        if (_rootFrame == null)
            _rootFrame = new Frame();
            SuspensionManager.RegisterFrame(_rootFrame, "appFrame");

        // extended splash
        _rootFrame.Navigate(typeof (ExtendedSplash), args.SplashScreen);
        Window.Current.Content = _rootFrame;

        await PerformDataFetch(); // also navigate to main page after loading complete

Extended splash has the same layout as splash + loading ring.

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Instead of:

_rootFrame.Navigate(typeof (ExtendedSplash), args.SplashScreen); 

you might want to try:

//The key is not how you get the new splash screen
_rootFrame.Content = new ExtendedSplash(args.SplashScreen);

//but rather in how you GET TO the Splash Screen... 
// Navigation will trigger a complete refresh, reassigning a value should not. 
Window.Current.Content = _rootFrame;

In this way you will avoid triggering the Navigation Events that refresh the screen. And the content of the Frame should update seamlessly.

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thank you, that worked :) –  Dan Tumaykin Oct 6 '12 at 12:04

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