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We load some third party javaScript in server side and put it in html content and send to client. That third party js change dynamic. so I want to limit DOM access to this js.

  1. iframe need another domain but I don't want client load this third party js.
  2. js.js can help me?
  3. Another way is edit JavaScript Engine. Which of JavaScript Engines is easy?
  4. Are there any document to help me?
  5. It is not important which can only apply on one browser or JavaScript engine.

best regards.

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Maybe Caja can help you. I have not tested it myself, but only read about it.


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If in iframe use srcdoc attribute and assign that content in server side then ifarme content can't access out of iframe. Can Script in out of iframe access to iframe's content? –  Mirzaei Oct 6 '12 at 19:51

I think iFrame srcdoc attribute is one solution. we are using that to declare the HTML content of an iFrame. for example:

<iframe srcdoc="<p>Potentially-dangerous user content<script>alert('lol');</script></p>"></iframe>

Can any one give other alternative?

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