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I use gunicorn to deploy project Django background.

python2.7 manage.py run_gunicorn

It is not run background.

gunicorn_django -b

It doesn't see the my apps.

The project ran successfully when python manage.py runserver

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To run gunicorn in background you will need to use a process control system like Supervisord to manage gunicorn.

Deployment instructions with Supervisor and/or Runit are described here

For the part of problem where the apps are not detected, did you add gunicorn to your INSTALLED_APPS setting in django settings.py? If not integration is decribed here


Sample gunicorn management script for supervisor

set -e
    LOGDIR=$(dirname $LOGFILE)
    # user/group to run as
    cd ~/webapps/Z/
    . ~/virtualenvs/production/bin/activate
    test -d $LOGDIR || mkdir -p $LOGDIR
    exec ~/virtualenvs/production/bin/gunicorn_django -b $HOST -w $NUM_WORKERS \
        --user=$USER --group=$GROUP --log-level=debug \
        --log-file=$LOGFILE 2>>$LOGFILE
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I installed ang ran supervisor. When i ran python2.7 manage.py run_gunicorn - w 2 --preload --daemon --user=htk --group=htk --log-level=debug --log-file=/home/htk/workspace/testproject/testproject.log 2>>/home/htk/workspace/testproject/testproject.log It logged: Error: Usage is runserver [optional port number, or ipaddr:port or unix:/path/to/sockfile] –  Hueston Rido Oct 5 '12 at 10:22
Your usage is incorrect, run gunicorn_django directly without the python manage.py –  Pratik Mandrekar Oct 5 '12 at 10:38

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