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while running the below code , my mail are not getting delivered

Am getting debug error as

Net::SMTP=GLOB(123)<<< 554-a.b.com

Net::SMTP=GLOB(0)<<< 554 Connection refused. Connecting server is NOT a uthorized to relay mail through this server. Could not connect to server!

use Net::SMTP;

use Win32;

my $machinename;


my $smtpserver = 'a.b.com';

my $smtpuser = 'admin';

my $fromemail = 'q\@b.com';

my @TO_ADDRESS = ("c\@b.com");

$smtp = Net::SMTP-> new($smtpserver, Timeout => 10, Debug => 1);

die "Could not connect to server!\n" unless $smtp;

$smtp-> mail($fromemail );

$smtp-> to(@TO_ADDRESS);

$smtp-> data();

$smtp-> datasend("To: @TO_ADDRESS\n");

$smtp-> datasend("From: q\@b.com\n");

$smtp-> datasend("Subject:  \n");

$smtp-> datasend("\n");
$smtp-> datasend("Region is \n");

$smtp-> datasend("Server name is \n");

$smtp-> datasend("hi.\n"); 

$smtp-> dataend();

$smtp-> quit;

Please advice....

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The error is saying you don't have permission to relay through the target smtp server. Why do you think you do, and how have you checked this? –  Richard Huxton Oct 5 '12 at 11:20
The message is coming from the server, not Net::SMTP itself. I believe that's an authentication or authorization error. –  ikegami Oct 5 '12 at 16:46

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