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I have the following usecase:

I want to use Couchbase on a server to store data, and use Couchbase for Android on mobile devices. I would like to use the Couchbase synchronisation to be able to work online and offline with the data and have it synced up eventually. But I don't want the different clients to sync all the data onto the device, just a specific subset. What subset a client should sync, should be controlled by the client, and should be changed dynamically.

Is Couchbase able to handle such a scenario? And if, could you give me some hints to the matching documentations.

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Couchbase can not do this. More importantly I can't think of any solution that would. Couchbase is a clustered nosql solution. Others are caching solutions or databases. They store data. The logic of syncing the data between different stores and the syncing of sub-sets of data would have to be done within your application.

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might it be possible by dynamically creating a couchbase bucket for each user within the application logic? – mulllhausen Oct 7 '12 at 2:46
@mulllhausen You can't create that many Buckets, there are resources assigned to every Couchbase Bucket and at this point you can't have millions of them in a cluster. – scalabl3 Oct 22 '12 at 17:53

Sync Gateway now handles the logic permitting users access to channels, which then contain subsets of data based on which channel(s) each document belongs to.

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