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I am storing the linkedin access token in database. This is the token that is stored in my database:


I want to retrieve the linkedin connections using this access token. I am trying to make a call like this:

        $a = new Zend_Oauth_Token_Access();
        $client = $a->getHttpClient( array( 
                        'siteUrl' => LIN_SITE_URL,
                        'callbackUrl' => LIN_SITE_CALLBACK_URL,
                        'requestTokenUrl' => LIN_REQUEST_TOKEN_URL,
                        'userAuthorizationUrl' => LIN_USER_AUTHORIZATION_URL,
                        'accessTokenUrl' => LIN_ACCESS_TOKEN_URL,
                        'consumerKey' => LIN_CONSUMER_KEY,
                        'consumerSecret' => LIN_CONSUMER_SECRET
                    ) );

        $response = $client->request();

        $content =  $response->getBody();
        $data = json_decode(Zend_Json::fromXml($content, false));   
        print_r($data); echo "<br/>";

The error i am getting here is:

stdClass Object ( [error] => stdClass Object ( [status] => 404 [timestamp] => 1349429996351 [request-id] => 8U8A1UNF1V [error-code] => 0 [message] => Could not find person based on: ~ ) ) 

Is this the correct way to make a call or am i doing something wrong here. I am using zend framework.


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I was able to solve the problem by passing the outh_token and outh_token_secret as an array to the setParams() of Zend_Oauth_Token_Access as below:

$a = new Zend_Oauth_Token_Access;
  'oauth_token' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  'oauth_token_secret' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
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In your code example I don't see where you're setting the access token and secret. I just see that you're instantiating the $a variable:

$a = new Zend_Oauth_Token_Access();

Are you retrieving the access token and secret from you database then setting it to the $a variable? Something like this:


By the way, this is a good reference for using Zend and LinkedIn:

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In the db i am storing the whole string i get back as access token. Here is what i get back below: oauth_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&oauth_token_secret=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&oauth_exp‌​ires_in=5183998&oauth_authorization_expires_in=5183998 I access the above from db. I am not setting the token and token secret anywhere. I am wondering if its the right way to store the access token in the db. How do others store? Should i store the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret separately in the db ? – VishwaKumar Oct 8 '12 at 9:10

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