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I am trying to set up my report server in Sharepoint Integrated mode (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh833726.aspx) but I do not get the option to select the mode in the wizard (see image). Can anybody help? I am running Sharepoint 2010 with SQL Server 2012 and I selected the option to install in Sharepoint Integrated mode when installing SQL Server.enter image description here

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The link you gave is for SQL 2008 R2. It has changed a bit in SQL 2012. Now, the Reporting Services Config Manager can only be used to create a Native mode database. The options for creating a SharePoint mode database are either using the SP Central Administration page, or by PowerShell command. (Ref - MSDN). The link has more detail on how to get the SharePoint option up and running.

Also verified here, where it says that in the Reporting Services Config Manager "The Report Server Mode is always set to Native".

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