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I using Qt3.3 and I'm trying to create an QApplication without display. I need to check signals from QSocket objects, and this is the reason that I need the QApplication.

I'm trying to do QApplication( 0, 0 ), but I'm getting "QApplication: invalid Display* argument.".

How is the correct way to do it?

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From the docs:

QApplication::QApplication ( int & argc, char ** argv, bool GUIenabled )

Constructs an application object with argc command line arguments in argv. If GUIenabled is TRUE, a GUI application is constructed, otherwise a non-GUI (console) application is created.

Set GUIenabled to FALSE for programs without a graphical user interface that should be able to run without a window system.

You get that message because the compiler probably binds against this constructor method

QApplication::QApplication(Display *dpy,HANDLE visual=0,HANDLE colormap=0)

treating your first zero as a NULL pointer to Display * (I guess this is a Display structure you can get from X11)

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It worked for me. Thanks. –  Etore Marcari Jr. Aug 13 '09 at 21:18

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