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I developed a simple javascript injection which works very well. Can anybody tell me how to define the domain on which I want my firefox add-on to work for?

E.g. this doesn't work for in main.js:

const self = require("self"),
page_mod = require("page-mod");

exports.main = function() {
        include: "**",
        contentScriptWhen: "ready",

These lines also don't work:

include: "**",
include: "**",
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It's all in the documentation:

include: "*",

The match-pattern module recognizes when you intend to match the domain name only, no need to add wildcards after the domain name.

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Thanks! I looked up the documentation but there wasn't a search option. So I didn't find the page. – David 10K Oct 5 '12 at 11:50

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