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I have a file with content like this:


The File is to large to read it into just on String.

What is the simplest way to split it into a Traversable of Strings, with each element being a word?

If it matters: While the content of the file won't fit in a single String the resulting Traversable might be a List without a problem.

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Here is an adaptation of your own solution, using JavaConversions to manipulate the Java iterator as a Scala one.

import java.util.Scanner
import java.io.File
import scala.collection.JavaConversions._

val scanner = new Scanner(new File("...")).useDelimiter(",")
scanner.map(_.trim).map(quoted => quoted.substring(1, quoted.length - 1))

This gives you an iterator. You can always convert it to a list using e.g. .toList.

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Here is a version using stringLit and repsep from Scala parser combinators. I won't vouch for its efficiency, though.

import scala.util.parsing.combinator.syntactical.StdTokenParsers
import scala.util.parsing.combinator.lexical.StdLexical
import scala.util.parsing.input.StreamReader

import java.io.FileReader

object P extends StdTokenParsers {
  type Tokens = StdLexical

  val lexical = new StdLexical
  lexical.delimiters += ","

  def words : Parser[List[String]] = repsep(stringLit, ",")

  def getWords(fileName : String) : List[String] = {
    val scanner = new lexical.Scanner(StreamReader(new FileReader(fileName)))
    // better error handling wouldn't hurt.
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I think it will leave the first and the last quote, right? – Jens Schauder Oct 5 '12 at 13:18
I'm not to concerned about performance. What bothers me more is that it is rather wordy. – Jens Schauder Oct 5 '12 at 13:19
@JensSchauder The stringLit parse takes care of the quotes properly. – Philippe Oct 5 '12 at 15:04

I did it using the java.util.Scanner while it does work, I'd appreciate a more scalaesc version.

val scanner = new Scanner(new File("""bigFile.txt""")).useDelimiter(",")
var wordList: Vector[String] = Vector()
while (scanner.hasNext()) {
  val quoted = scanner.next()
  val word = quoted.replace("\"", "")
  wordList = wordList :+ word
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