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I've created a multivalueconverter that I'm binding a telerik:RadMenuItem's visibility property. This right-click menu is inside of an appointment that goes onto a Telerik calendar control. I want to pass the ControlID (which is an attached property from the framework I'm using) into the IMultiValueConverter that I've made as a parameter. So, I want to pass in the Guid (which comes in as the second value in an object array in the converter) and then cast it something to get the value so I can do my evaluations. WPF isn't my strong suit and after trying a lot of things I can't seem to get the binding wired up.

<telerik:RadMenuItem Header="Cancel" x:Name="CancelMenuItem"
                            <MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource SecurityEnumToVisibilityConverter}">
                                <Binding Path="Appointment.AppointmentType" />
                                <Binding ElementName="CancelMenuItem" Path="myframework:BaseWindow.ControlID" />                

What am I missing here in that second Binding tag to pass in the contents of ControlID to my multivalue converter successfully? Thanks!

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Try surrounding your path with brackets.


afaik this tells WPF that you are binding to an attached property

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