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I have about 30 projects and 6 of them must have special (but the same) build process. All of those projects inherit from single parent. I have defined the special build process in parent. It includes several plugins and lots of configuration.

The inheritance structore is like this:

- global-parent (this is the place where special profile is defined)
      -a-special <--
      -b-special <--
      -c-special <--

So I cannot make those special projects inherit another pom.

How to set "a flag" in those special projects in pom.xml to run always against special-profile?

For now I've set profile/activation/file/extsts and creates special empty marker file in each special project but this is so ugly. I've also tried to use maven-properties-plugin to set some system property flag but it is still ugly.

There must be a more legant way. Is this a bad design?

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The standard way of doing this is with two levels of parent projects. I've done this with a "global-parent" and a "webapps-parent" with common configuration / profiles just for the webapp components. However, I observe that you need something like "multiple inheritance" which doesn't quite exist in Maven.

Otherwise, the "file exists" activation is acceptable, in my opinion.


Without knowing what's exactly "special" about the special modules, it's hard to answer the somewhat subjective question "is this bad design?"

Perhaps a custom plugin that encapsulates all the other plugins would be "better" or "more Maven-ish" but at the end of the day - is your build maintainable and easy to run (i.e. svn co project; cd project; mvn package)?

If so, you've achieved your goals.

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I would say that "file exists" is probably less "Maven" than activating based on a property. But I agree with the two levels of parents. –  Duncan Oct 5 '12 at 17:49
Multiple inheritance woud be the way. Another way would be some kind of plugins grouping into a single "somethinl-like-a-plugin-execution". Something like a macro or something that work similar to "import" dependency but for plugins. –  Piotr Gwiazda Oct 5 '12 at 19:37

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