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I am currently creating a gpx string by iterating through an array of custom objects called 'CCTrackLocation'. However, this is too slow, especially when there are many locations. I am also running it in an Async Task.

Here is my code.

for (CCTrackLocation location: trackLocations) {
            //Log.e("CCGPXUtils", "Time wasting");
            String amendedString = gpxString + "<trkpt lat=\""+location.getLatitude()+"\" lon=\""+location.getLongitude()+"\">\n" +
                                                "<ele>"+location.getAltitude()+"</ele>\n" +
            gpxString = amendedString;
            amendedString = null;

The first 500 or so points are converted fine, after that I get getting 'GC_FOR_MALLOC' and 'GC_CONCURRENT' coming up in the debug console.


Is there a more efficient way to do this that won't be so time consuming?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Probably the easiest solution I've found.

I didn't know about 'StringBuilder' due to coming from an Objective-C background but they are the solution to my problem.

Here is my updated code.

StringBuilder stringBuilder = new StringBuilder(gpxString);
        for (CCTrackLocation location: trackLocations) {
            if (isCancelled())
                return null;
            //Log.e("CCGPXUtils", "Time wasting");
            stringBuilder.append("<trkpt lat=\""+location.getLatitude()+"\" lon=\""+location.getLongitude()+"\">\n" +
                                                "<ele>"+location.getAltitude()+"</ele>\n" +
return stringBuilder.toString();


The performance has increased 100fold.

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