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This is the source for converting multi-page tiff file to one-page jpeg.

I used to MemoryStream class and then convert to the jpeg.

This is in Windows 2005, IIS6, Visual Studio 2008, and .NET Framework 2.0.

            MemoryStream ms = null;
            Image SrcImg = null;
            Image returnImage = null;
                SrcImg = Image.FromFile(@'d:\\test.tif');
                ms = new MemoryStream();
                FrameDimension FrDim = new FrameDimension(SrcImg.FrameDimensionsList[0]);
                SrcImg.SelectActiveFrame(FrDim, 17); // 17 page...
                SrcImg.Save(ms, ImageFormat.Tiff);
                // Prevent using images internal thumbnail
                //Save Aspect Ratio
                if (SrcImg.Width <= ImgWidth) ImgWidth = SrcImg.Width;
                int NewHeight = SrcImg.Height * ImgWidth / SrcImg.Width;
                if (NewHeight > ImgHeight)
                    // Resize with height instead
                    ImgWidth  = SrcImg.Width * ImgHeight  / SrcImg.Height;
                    NewHeight = ImgHeight;
                returnImage = Image.FromStream(ms).GetThumbnailImage(ImgWidth, NewHeight, null, IntPtr.Zero); }

but this code is well in Windows 2008, IIS7, Visual Studio 2010, and .NET Framework 4.0.

The Error eraise "SelectActiveFrame" sentence.

Here is the sample tiff file. [Mouse right click - Save as "test.tif"]

What's the matter? or Any good solution?

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Please post the complete code, with the snipped you've given the memory stream is only used somewhere in the blah-blah section and it's unusable in tracking down the problem. – Veli Gebrev Oct 5 '12 at 11:42
what is the error for on the SelectActiveFrame? – Daniel A. White Oct 5 '12 at 13:00
@Veli This "blah" may not count much. I think it doesn't matter. – user1283146 Oct 8 '12 at 0:27
@White : A generic error occurred in GDI+. – user1283146 Oct 8 '12 at 0:28

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