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I have coordinates of some point in the buffer : x,y relatively to the beginning of a window; Ho to get a textual-position (offset of the beginning of the buffer) by these relative coordinates?

I. e.:

--------------- starting of the buffer

sdfv efrv s

========================================= <-- window start border

s!df verg 34v dc
sd sdf 

========================================= <-- window end border

If the point is in the exclamation mark position, than x = 1, y = 0, position = 13. Now i know the (x,y)=(1,0), how to get a position?

edit(in response to Stefan): This coordinates are come from event, fairing on mause-1 down. I take it from a function tmm-menubar-mouse. the whole event looks like this:

(mouse-1 (nil menu-bar (45 . 0) 15023 nil 2924 (45 . 0) nil (0 . 0) (1 . 0)))

The problem is, that due to a bug some coordinates are calculated wrongly, and i recalculate them, but then i have to get a textual position in order to transmit a new event to mouse-drag-region. I get window by window-at, and recalculate absolute coordinates to relative substracting window up-left angle from them.

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I'd recommend you try posn-at-x-y, although these X and Y are pixel positions whereas you seem to say that you have "character-cell" positions instead. If that doesn't work, please explain better where your X and Y come from, since there are various definitions of such "character-cell positions" depending on how they handle variable-sized characters like TABs, proportional fonts, images, ...

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Thanks, it's exactly what i asked for! Fortunately, it gives all extra needed info. – Necto Oct 5 '12 at 19:23

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