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I am using the waypoints jQuery plugin and the plugin behaves perfectly when doing the fade in on scroll. Yet, I cannot manage to make the blocks fade in one after the other (individually). Here's my jQuery code:

$('.hblock').not("#welcome, #block2").fadeTo(0, 0);
$('.hblock').waypoint(function(event, direction) {
    if(direction == "down") {
        $(this).fadeTo(1500, 1);
}, {
    offset: function() {
        return $.waypoints('viewportHeight');

I have tried setting a delay between the fades, but to no avail:

$(this).fadeTo(1500, 1).delay(1000);

You can see the plugin in action and how it currently works, here: http://targettedmedia.co.uk/targetedmedia/

Thank you in advance for taking your time!

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If you want to serially animate a group of objects so instead of $(this).fadeTo(1500, 1);

Try this:

$('.hblock').each(function(i) {
    $(this).delay((i++) * 1500).fadeTo(1500, 1); 

You can experiment with the first 1500 if you want them to start before the prior one finishes. Here is an example (towards bottom):


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How about something like this

function _fadeout(elm){
    elm.fadeOut('slow', function(){

_fadeout($('.hblock').not("#welcome, #block2").first());
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This hides it completely. Also, please note that I'm trying to achieve a succinct fade in effect, not viceversa (fade out). –  Kyprulez Oct 5 '12 at 12:14

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