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In my console ,i can not delete objects ,why?

> ls()
[1] "f1"      "f2"      "getmail" "k"       "mail"    "pattern" "rm"      "word"    "x"      
> rm(k)
Error in rm(k) : unused argument(s) (k)
> rm("k")
Error in rm("k") : unused argument(s) ("k")
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You have an object rm listed, is it a function? try base::rm(k) – mnel Oct 5 '12 at 11:54

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You have overwritten the rm object with an own object called rm:

> ls()
[1] "f1"      "f2"      "getmail" "k"       "mail"    "pattern" "rm"      "word"    "x"      

So when you write rm(something) it’s not calling the original rm but your own. To call the original rm, use

originalRm <- get('rm', baseenv())

# or, simpler:

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The very last part of circle 8 of the R Inferno suggests running 'conflicts()' when "you are getting results that are totally at odds with your expectations" in order to "look where you are stepping"... – Spacedman Oct 5 '12 at 14:00

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