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I need to develope WAS application and should be hosted into Demandware platform. Can i develop the WAS application using tomcat and can host it into the Demandware or should WAS application be developed in the Demandware platform?

I am new to Demanware platform and WAS. Guide me.

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You cannot build a web service outside of the UX Studio paradigm like what you described, but you can build a psuedo-service like pipeline in UX Studio that returns JSON, XML, etc. and it will work more or less just like any other REST service.

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Demandware is Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, which will not allow you to access the underlying infrastructure (e.g. Tomcat server, Oracle DB, etc.) to make/install your custom extensions. Instead look in the Demandware XChange portal for "Webservice Framework" by Jorge Matos, which is an implementation that uses Demandware pipelines and scripts to simulate web-services. To access Demandware Xchange portal you need to have an account for it.

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Demandware platform is a proprietary technology which allows developing only using their sandboxes and own IDE "UX Studio". All this stuff is available for demandware developers on their xchange portal. Access there could be requested by a merchant you do a development for.

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