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I'm trying to understand why Firefox (I'm using 15 but it's the same even in nightly) is not behaving like WebKit when trying to access error event information.

This one works everywhere:

window.onerror = function(message, lineno, filename) { }

But of course I don't want to use this.

The right thing to do is:

window.addEventListener('error', function(e) { 
}, false);

Unfortunately this one only works in WebKit. In Firefox the handler is called, but the e event is almost empty: no message, no line number, no filename properties.

The very minimal test is here: http://jsbin.com/efexiw/1/edit

I don't think this is a bug, though... so the question is: how do I get the error details in recent Firefox?

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window.onerror gives information that is not provided by window.addEventListener("error"). This is not a browser bug as much as a browser oddity, since the Mozilla docs only recommend using window.onerror for syntax errors and using the error event for load errors.

There is no reason not to use window.onerror, since the addEventListener equivalent is not as powerful (at least in Firefox). MDN shows you how to do it safely:

// Example 1:

// Prevent error dialogs from displaying -which is the window's normal
// behavior- by overriding the default event handler for error events that
// go to the window.
window.onerror = null;

// Example 2:

var gOldOnError = window.onerror;
// Override previous handler.
window.onerror = function myErrorHandler(errorMsg, url, lineNumber) {
  if (gOldOnError)
    // Call previous handler.
    return gOldOnError(errorMsg, url, lineNumber);

  // Just let default handler run.
  return false;

If you absolutely need to do the binding via addEventListener for a fairly specific reason (e.g. you overwrote addEventListener to keep a master log of all events), you could have window.onerror fire a custom event with necessary information that will be caught by addEventListener.

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I accept the answer because at least I know how to handle the situation. Too bad I did not understand why Firefox seems to have removed this "feature" (for what I've been reading in my searches are old examples which there are supposed to work in FF and other browsers). –  Claudio Oct 5 '12 at 14:14
In FF 38, at least, probably much sooner, the error event provided to addEventListener has at least message, filename and lineno properties... maybe more. I'm presently on a search for more, and for any standard that defines particulars. –  Victoria Mar 4 at 21:50
Details of error event are lacking, but MDN shows .colno available, and experimentation says .error.stack is available in FF38. –  Victoria Mar 4 at 22:28

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