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I have a project with Struts2 + Struts2 JQUery + JQ Grid + Struts2 JSON Tags. The project works perfectly and i am able to do most of the JQuery features with AJAX from tabbed panel to Grid. I have multiple struts config file and they are all called from sj: a tags.

But the problem starts when I add the Spring Plugin.

  1. The Submit returns null values to the Action Class.
  2. I have a Tabbed Panel which is created from 'struts-jquery-tags' and on onload calls the action class. If I use Auto wired on the Constructor in the action class only that is getting called and the action method is not getting called at all. As a result the jsp is not getting rendered.

If I remove the Spring plugin, everything works just fine. I am trying hard to overcome this issue but I have no success.

I have Struts 2.3.3 / Spring 3.0.5 / aspectweaver / Struts2Jquery 3.3.3 jars.

Can someone advice ? I have followed jgeppert examples in showcase app.

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you question is not clear enough to me.Spring plugin don't do anything in back-end all it do is handover the S2 specific object creation to Spring in stead of struts2 internal DI.For more problem seems more towards configuring your plugin. – Umesh Awasthi Oct 6 '12 at 4:18
Hi Umesh, Exactly this is the thing that is bugging me the most. I had the same concept that Spring Plugin has nothing to do with Struts2 JQuery Plugin. But If I introduce the Struts2-Spring Jar in the classpath, the ajax call stops working completely. The action class methods do not even get called. Kindly try it once (Struts2 Project with Struts 2.3.3 / Spring 3.0.5 / aspectweaver / Struts2Jquery 3.3.3 and then add Spring Plugin ) and you will be able to see the issue. – Asker Oct 9 '12 at 22:57
I was never a very big admirer for the jquery plugin though its really a very handy plugin and most of my jquery work rely on simple Jquery.Is it only Ajax call which not getting called or every action? – Umesh Awasthi Oct 10 '12 at 4:17

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