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I want to create a regular expression in java using standard libraries that will accommodate the following sentence:

12 of 128

Obviously the numbers can be anything though... From 1 digit to many

Also, I'm not sure how to accommodate the word "of" but I thought maybe something along the lines of:

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This should work for you:


This will assume that you want to capture the full block of text as "one group", and there can be one-or-more whitespace characters in between each (if only one space, you can change \s+ to just \s).

If you want to capture the numbers separately, you can try:

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You want this:


The relevant change from what you already had is the addition of the two plus signs. That means, that it should match multiple digits but at least one.

Sample: http://regexr.com?32cao

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This regexp

"\\d+ of \\d+"

will match at least one to any number of digits, followed by string " of " followed by one to any number of digits.

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