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Is is possible to get a variable from another template?

I have a page template with the following at the top:

<?php echo $table_name; ?>

Then a bit further down the page I'm using this:

<?php get_template_part('governance-management'); ?>

Within that template is the following (along with lots of other code which shows fine):

<?php $table_name = "CPEL Implementation"; ?>

How can I echo out the $table_name variable in the first echo?

The problem is I'm calling a variable before it's set. Is there any way to get around that? I've tried putting the echo below the get_template_part but it still doesn't show anything.

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Well, you simply have to declare your variable as global :

global $table_name;
$table_name = "CPEL Implementation";

If you want to use it in another template :

global $table_name;
echo $table_name;
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