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I have a UIScrollView with a single subview, a UIView backed by a CATiledLayer. All is working well with one exception: when I change images from one to another the CATiledLayer caches the previous images zoom levels. Scrolling around then displays the old image for a split second before the updated image loads.

Is there any way to totally clear out the CATiledLayer's cache so it doesn't show old images? The CATiledLayer obviously knows that the backing image changed because it asks it's delegate for new tiles...

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I think you are making this a little more complicated than it needs to be. I believe all you have to do is set the contents of your CATiledLayer to nil.

myCATiledlayer.contents = nil.
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Right in the soca it warns that modifying a CATiledLayers contents will effectively turn it into a regular CALayer and sure enough it does. An Apple employee did however tell me a trick: if you call setNeedsDisplay on the recently-converted-back-to-CALayer-CATiledLayer then it will magically turn back into a CATiledLayer. – prime31 Aug 15 '09 at 16:06
Tyne first lone should read: "Right in the docs..." – prime31 Aug 15 '09 at 16:07
I had the same problem as prime31 did, and this solution worked great! I called myCATiledlayer.contents = nil before calling [myCATiledlayer setNeedsDisplay], and it did the job. Yay! – davsan Apr 20 '11 at 8:28
Make sure that you are not setting the layer contents to nil when the layer is still drawing, because the app will crash. – Khomsan Aug 5 '11 at 10:08
@Khomsan, on the contrary, i see iOS waiting for all threads to finish drawing before it sets contents to nil. – steipete Sep 12 '11 at 9:37
    CATiledLayer *tiledLayer = (CATiledLayer *)[self layer];

    tiledLayer.tileSize = CGSizeMake(93,93);//Set a different tile size
    tiledLayer.tileSize = CGSizeMake(92,92);//Restore original tile size

This works for me.

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