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I have this code:

echo ('<div></div>
'.(isset($replay->extra['mode']) ? $replay->extra['mode'] : "n/a").' 

I want to put the this text before the just $replay->extra['mode'] : "n/a").'


so that it will look like this:

M-$replay->extra['mode'] : "n/a").'

to be fully like this:

 echo ('<div></div>
    '.(isset($replay->extra['mode']) ? M-$replay->extra['mode'] : "n/a").' 

But i keep getting syntax error so what is the correct syntax and way to do it?


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You need to concatenate the string within the inline if statement by making it a string (enclose in quotes) and using a ..

echo ('<div></div>'.(isset($replay->extra['mode']) ? 'M-' . $replay->extra['mode'] : "n/a").'<div></div>')

You may also have an error with your <div></div>'s - unless you are trying to create an empty <div> before and after your string, you likely the following to wrap your output with the <div> tags:

echo ('<div>'.(isset($replay->extra['mode']) ? 'M-' . $replay->extra['mode'] : "n/a").'</div>')
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Thanks it works! I left those DIVs as an example as there are alot of other text and html stuff in the original full code which is too long to be copied. –  Jeremy John Oct 5 '12 at 13:20

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