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The question seems clear. I was unable to get info on that.

The way I can use for instance is :

$ vmc push myapp --no-start
$ vmc env-add myapp MYVAR=var 
$ vmc start myapp

So, it's possible to configure that in my manifest.yml, and in which way ?

I would set NODE_ENV="production"


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With the latest VMC (gem install vmc --pre, mkdir ~/.vmc/use-ng), have this in your manifest alongside the app attributes like name, instances, etc.:

  NODE_ENV: production

Not sure about legacy VMC, sorry.

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When you talking about vmc -pre (which pre release you talk about ?) What are your current version? I 'm (on the 16-Oct) on 0.3.18. The 0.3.21 is the actual standard one. But troubleshot with login, so i 'm in 0.3.18 –  Lucs Oct 16 '12 at 10:44
It's not work as It for me in vmc 0.3.18 and vcap as build '2222'. Still looking. –  Lucs Oct 16 '12 at 10:53

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