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APV PDF Viewer Link

is it possible to build this "APV PDF Viewer [apv-0.3.3dev01.tar.gz]" code for Android NDK x86 Build ?

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Here two file changes required :

[1] FILE : apv-0.3.3dev01.tar\pdfview\jni\Application.mk

    APP_MODULES := pdf fitz fitzdraw jpeg pdfview2 jbig2dec openjpeg
    APP_OPTIM := release
    APP_ABI := armeabi-v7a armeabi
        Change to APP_ABI := x86

[2] FILE : apv-0.3.3dev01.tar\pdfview\jni\mupdf\draw\Android.mk

        Change to  LOCAL_CFLAGS := -O3   [  remove " -DARCH_ARM " ]

Comments :

"-DARCH_ARM" option is for ARM processor power optimization.

  • Under this option code will try to use special optimized instructions for ARM Architecture, Those Instructions are not available for x86 processor instruction sets ]
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