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I'm trying to integrate MvcMailer into an ASP.NET MVC 4 app.

I installed the package from NuGet and generated a mailer with the Scaffold command with no issues. I ended up with a new folder Mailers containing UserMailer and IUserMailer, and an UserMailer folder under Views.

Now, I want to send out an email each time a user registers. All operations concerning users are handled by my AccountController, so I just figured I would alter its constructor to accept an instance of IUserMailer.

Castle Windsor, though, complains. It says that component AccountController can't be created because it has a dependency on IUserMailer that's waiting to be satisfied.

I've tried to register it with


but Windsor still throws the same exception.

I've even tried registering it with


which changes the error to "IUserMailer is abstract. As such, it is not possible to instantiate it as implementation of service IUserMailer. Did you forget to proxy it?"

I can't figure out how to get this thing to work. Anyone can help?

This comment says that MvcMailer is not compatible with Castle Windsor, which would be somewhat sad. If that is the case, is there a way to get around that?

This might well be a dumb question, I have practically no experience with Windsor.

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I've just got MVCMailer working with castle windsor 3.2

For my solution I have a separate IOC project with all my installers. In my Core project which is shared across all projects I created an empty interface IMailer

public interface IMailer

Then after you scaffold up a mailer inherit IMailer

public interface IAccountMailer : IMailer

This should allow you to generically register all your mailers with castle windsor like so.


Then you can do something like this in your controller

public class EmailController : ApiController
    private readonly IAccountMailer accountMailer;

    public EmailController(IAccountMailer accountMailer)
        this.accountMailer = accountMailer;

And as long as you've got your castle windsor creating your MVC and API controllers it should be able to create your mailers.

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Thus far:


...is working for me, although there are reports that occasionally you get a null reference exception (as if the WhateverMailer wasn't instantiated by the Windsor container). I haven't encountered this yet, but if I did, I would have to go away from the container goodness, plug my nose, and new the mailer up in the applicable controller. If you're testing said controller, from your linked reference:

I reassign my controller's Mailer manually in my test's setup as such:

Target = new Controller(...) { MailService = MailServiceMock.Object };

Although it appears @Neil has a good solution as well.

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